The last month has been interesting. My commitment to do something witchy every day HAS resulted in me doing something witchy every day (phew!) but not a lot of witchy stuff every day.

I did find it pretty hard to fit stuff in. My problem is that I see spirituality as a kind of hobby that is less important than the other stuff I do (mainly dancing) but involves a lot of effort (and is more difficult than, say, not doing it). I confess that I’m quite a lazy witch. So whereas some days I would like to do a full on meditation, I often ended up just saying a prayer before bedtime, or running through a list of gratitudes instead.

Two things that really stuck with me through the month – performing regular cleansings when I felt grumpy, unmotivated or annoyed at myself (purifying away the foggy stuckness) which was so so useful and a daily Third Road meditation on the bus to work.

I’m also not very good at telling people to leave me alone when I have witchy stuff planned – as in I’m a bit scared to tell them, so I don’t, and then I don’t do anything in case people keep interrupting me. House mate BuddhaBear has a sign he puts on his door when he is meditating. I just need to man up and do the same thing dammit.

However, I did discover that being a witch is AWESOME and I definitely, definitely do not want to give it up.

I’m extending my Witchery challenge to September. Watch out!