I’ve been reading on lots of blogs how witchy peeps see the Equinox season as a bit bitter sweet – it’s awesome because it’s witchy, but it’s sad because it is getting darker again.

Obviously I am a weirdo as I am so so so excited about the darkening days and the encroach of October. Meeep!

The trees are loosing their green and turning crunchy underfoot. Catching the bus in the morning, the shadows are long and a cold mist hovers over the villiage. Nights are cold and clear and long and silent. Storms ripple across the flat countryside (my letterbox door is going CRAZY). I can make use of my huge collection of coats again! Hurray!

And did I mention that it just smells so Damned Good?

I’m the kind of person who would loathe the idea of a holiday chillaxing on a hot beach in Spain – intensely hot weather makes me irrationally angry, and unless the hot beach is accompanied by incessant fish-bothering in the ocean, I’d get violent. I like winter – going for a walk wearing three jumpers and coming back with a cold runny nose, and seeing the earth’s skeletons. Dark nights are cozy, bedtimes are that much better.

Tis the season for hot water bottles and fleecy blankets. Wahoo!!!

I flipping love the dark half of the year. I can’t wait. Bring it on.