I’m not particularly domesticated. And I’m rubbish at kitchens and everything kitchen related, like feeding myself, remembering to empty the washing machine, and finding the motivation to clean it.

Problem is, dirty kitchens are gross.

Happily, Superman takes care of a lot of the feeding-me duties, partly because I get grumpy when I am not fed and I tend to want to cook even less when I am grumpy, and partly because he does not want to have to eat what I come up with. (Udon noodles, halloumi and peanuts anyone?). In return, I take care of most of the house-tidying duties, because he is pants at that and untidy rooms make me angry.

As we share the house with minimalist, very tidyΒ  BuddhaBear, we need to keep the kitchen tidy. And as Superman cooks dinner and is busy running about six businesses when he isn’t at work, in theory it’s my job to keep the kitchen clean.


I bought a book called Embracing the Moon by Jasmine Galenorn. In the book (it’s good!) it’s got a small section that reads thus:

“Wash all the dishes every night if you work with faerie magick. The faeries don’t like dirt and clutter and they won’t let you sleep until the kitchen is clean!”


I don’t want the faeries to avoid me because last night’s stir fry is still on the side!

If I was a faerie I would totally avoid me because of last night’s stir fry still being on the side. Faerie folklore is very explicit about how unkeen the fairies are on lazy peeps with dirty houses.

So I clean the kitchen up every night for the faeries.

Superman finds this very amusing.

But he totally supports the kitchen being cleaned for the faeries.