Ok, I admit it, I’m addicted. It’s my guilty secret shame.

I’m addicted to True Blood. Christ knows why.

Actually, it’s pretty obvious why….

DING DONG... slobber

Eric Northman and his brooding scary viking sexiness aside, watching the TV show, I often stop and think, what the arse am I doing watching this? It’s violent, it’s over sensational, completely over the top, obscenely and unrealistically dramatic and people keep having full on naughty sex all over the place. Often for no reason and with no relevance to the story at all. It’s as if the writers have a sex air time quota to fill each episode. How is a lady to know where to look when that happens?

(answer – at Eric Northman)

It’s trashy, but I just can’t help myself, I can’t.

I have started reading the books now. I was really surprised by this, but the books are great – they are really well written, and stuff actually makes sense. There is less surprise nudity. The main vampire protagonist, Bill, seems like less of a jerk in the books. I like reading it from the main girl’s perspective – the writer really makes you see her life through her eyes. My life in comparison involves a lot less cleaning (sorry faeries).

I really went off Vampirey stuff after the whole Twilight thing – I have issues with teenage books centred around pushy violent men bossing around pathetic weak love-blind women – but the girl in True Blood will not take crap from anyone and I like it. Though, seriously, reading the books, the TV show writers took and exploited every single hint and whisper of a suggestion at a kinky moment and pimped it up for the screen. Oh my innocent eyes.

But, importantly, Eric is just as sexy in the books. Ragh.