“The Crone is a shapeshifter, the young embraced by the old, the woman with the animal inside or beside her. I think this is what makes her so damned scary. She screams our fears into the night, and forces us to confront ourselves”.*

I’m not sure we’re (well, I’m) so great at Crones. The problem is, she’s flippin’ scary, and it’s much easier to just ignore her and hope she doesn’t pick on us.

Samhain is a scary time – it is Crone energy time. It’s about fears, the long dark night of the soul, being broken and terrified and having to push through it. It’s not so much that the Crone Goddess is guaranteed to mess you up this Halloween season, but she could do so, and we have to respect that.

She’s not doling out pain and fear-facing for the hell of it. As people we collect fears and habits and ideas that are not good for us and that do not serve our truth. Our truth (or our inner goddess, goddess self, soul, blue god, whatever) is the part of us that is the most concentrated expression of who we are/the divine in us, and we tend to clog it up with junk. We can’t be happy and authentic with a fog of crap blocking our truth up. We have got to face our crap, peeps.

In honour of the Crone Goddess, it’s a great idea to spend some introspective time confronting your fears and investigating what is getting in the way of you being you. Some of it will be easy, some of it will involve some hard core detective work. You can turn your list and explanation of fears into a ritual, burning your fears and proclaiming your freedom from them in a sacred Samhain Fire. Or you could lock yourself in the bath room, allow yourself to feel and experience these fears one buy one and mark yourself with paint/dark face pack with each one, which you wash off in a shower afterwards.

Buried under the Crone’s scary confronting exterior is a being of huge, deep, fathomless love. The Crone knows that the easy way doesn’t always create the change we need, and she is not afraid to lead us through the hard and painful way if that is what we need to change and grow.

*That’s an exerpt from my witchy diary, paraphrasing and exploring part of Kathy Jones’ chapter on Samhain in Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess. It completely sums up Crone Goddess energy for me.