Photo by Michael S. Yamashita

Ooooh I love this season.

I love it when it gets dark early, the pavements smell of earth and there are still enough leaves to kick at the side of the road.

I think it’s partly because I am at my most productive after dark, when I feel like I’m not wasting the precious sunlight by being inside.

We are on the out from Samhain season and on the way into Midwinter. I see Samhain is the great ending of the year and the baby beginnings of the new. Like a plant, the seed of the new year is planted at Samhain, but the shoots don’t start to show until Midwinter.

I’ve always imagined this time of year as a tween-time (as in in-between tween rather than I-love-Justin-Bieber twelve year old tween), a kind of yearly black hole and blank space waiting for Midwinter as the days slowly grow ever darker. I figure this tween-ish vacuum transition season is the best time for banishing and clearing the decks for the change you want to manifest in the solar year, and a tippitty-top time for planning stuff and putting in some quality divination time.

The focus of winter spiritually is stillness. I love the stillness of winter, the season of cold, crisp, bracing air. I love looking outside at the cold weather and spending quality time at my altar praying, meditating, or doing me some tarot while wrapped in a blanket.

We are working our way towards that. For now though, it’s time to banish and make plans. What do you want to bury before the sun is reborn?