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 For me the time between Samhain and Winter Solstice is a perfect time to reconnect with my divination practice.

In the weeks following Samhain I can still hear the whispers of my ancestral spirits through the veil, my dreamtime is fill with epic messages and my energy turns inward.  It is as if Source is calling to me to look deeper to connect with my inner knowing before the light returns.

The longer nights and chill in the air is ripe for pouring over my tarot cards, pulling runes, and chancing bibliomancy.

You too can harness the potent energy of the waning year by flexing your divination muscles once more.

Daily Divination Practice

From now until Winter Solstice, set aside 15 minutes each day for your divination practice to explore your intuition and inner world.  By simply making physical space and time for your divination practice, you are sending a message to Source that you are open to divine messages.

With a regular divination practice, I find that my third eye and crown chakras open while remaining grounded.  I do my best visioning for my year ahead during these weeks of waning light.

What you will need:

Deck of Tarot Cards (or divination tool of your choice)
Journal & Pen

Take a few deep breaths to quieten your mind.  Shake your arms and shoulders to release tension.   Keep taking deep breaths until you reach a place of stillness.

Shuffle the deck until you feel complete and draw one card.  Place the card in front of you and take your time in examining it.

As you gaze at the card, ask yourself:

What images, colors or symbols jump out at you?

Do they have a personal meaning to you?
What do you feel?

What are you drawn to in the images?
What do you have aversion to in this card?
Does the card remind you of anything or anyone?

Write down your impressions of the card and any personal meaning it has for you.  Be free with your writing and let it flow – even if it feels as if there is no connection.  Draw pictures of the images that come to mind.  Be as creative as you want as you explore the card.

Remember, do not consult your tarot books.  Do not worry if nothing comes to you at first.  Sometimes our intuitive knowing arises slowly when our mind and hands are busy on other things.

For the rest of the day keep the card out in plain site to keep these themes in your awareness.  Be sure to journal anything else that may arise.

In the days leading up to Winter Solstice, look over all your divination writings to find the theme(s) that run through it.  This is the thread that your intuitive being wants to manifest in the coming year.  Set the intention at Winter Solstice and make it happen!

 Jo Crawford is an Earth Lover and Star Gazer who seeks the sacred within.  You can find this South African Soothsayer and Creative Maven at:

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