If I don’t like doing something, and I have a choice about it, chances are, I just won’t do it.

I’m coming out of my I-must-do-it-this-boring-way-because-this-is-the-proper-way-to-progress phase in my dance practice (when I am not enthusing about mermaids I am a professional belly dancer) after seeing the light of Sense and Reason, and that light is entitled Making Something You Love Dull Is Not Smart.

Further to that, I’m expanding that into my spiritual life as well.

I’m pants at blank-mind meditation – I can’t get my mind to shut up, and after an allotted 10 mins, I realise I’ve spent the whole time thinking about Batman or what my bathroom will look like when I grow up or trying to remember where I put that tenner. And being pants at it means, surprise, I won’t do it.

So what are my options?

Number 1 – Guided Meditations. On mp3 format or in full brain-only guided glory. I do feel a bit like I am daydreaming for 20 minutes and counting that as my spiritual done-time, but so what? That’s not a bad deal.

Number 2 – Prayer and Listening. I’m a big fan of praying, getting into the goddess zone and then opening my mind to listen to what She has to say, even if my minds only open and wallowing in blissful Goddess-ness for a minute or so. Way more effective than a ten minute Batman-bathroom-tenner reverie.

Number 3 – Walking Meditation. To stay sane, I need to get outside every day – if I don’t remember that, well, the effects will be felt my friend. I love going for walks and just being – watching the sky, seeing the tiny flowers on the bushes (in December! Crazy!) and hearing the wind moving through the trees. If I get out of my brain for a minute (which I also forget to do sometimes) and into experiencing the world around me, wallowing in the awesomeness of Mother Nature is the best meditation technique ever.

As ever, the most effective way to get stuff done is to make it fun, and that totally applies to spirituality as well. In my brain spirituality is meant to be lived, and the best way to get something done is to enjoy the whole process.