My word of the year for 2011 was “Faith”.

I’ve never done new-year’s resolutions, as they sound scary, and if it sounds scary, then odds are I won’t do it.

2011 oddly enough did turn out to be a year of goddessing and of witchery. My witchy-interest has a tendency to wax and wane like the waves of the ocean – intense one minute, then calm and the next, motivated, and then dis-interested. However, in 2011 I felt witchy all year round. Gasp!

2011 was a huge year for witchy stuff. I completed a self study book (YEEEESSS!!! YES YES! Go me! For I am the Queen of unfinished projects), I met a witchcraft legend, I went on a solitary witchy pilgrimage to Glastonbury and I delved into priestessery. I decided rather than dithering about my faith and wicca to actually spend a while committing to my beliefs, only to discover that my beliefs are way awesome and life is so much better with them than without. I got really really into mermaids, and became braver about expressing my spirituality to others. Also, I started blogging more and being more of a presence here on Faeriedaughter, which can only be a good thing!

Now I get to look forward into 2012, which looks like the best year EVER. I get so excited just thinking about it – chock-a-block with more witchery, more dancing, more painting, more sewing, more travelling, MORE MERMAIDS and following my dreams!