I’m not special. I get sucked into whirlpools of woe just like everyone else does. And just like everyone else, we know exactly how to get out of them, but our woe-beings are too stubborn to do it.

Take today. Today was Woe Tuesday.

A couple of minor(ish) things in my life are not going as swimmingly as usual – mainly a less than stellar execution of a lesson plan the other day, a sudden tenuous position at work (this is the big one) and spending days looking for a very important piece of tax-related paperwork. This year is all built up to be a big year, and now I am in it I’m a bit overwhelmed at how much there is I have to do. So I’ve spent the past few days with a panicky feeling deep in my tummy.

Now, I’m smart, I know the three point action plan to breaking free of Woe-Panic-Stress-Overwhelm Monkey:

1: Get thee the flip outside woman

2: Pray – Call in God, ground, and send all that shitty energy into the ground. Listen ye to the birds, and note how puny your troubles really are

3: Take action. Anything on topic. Just do something valuable and woe-related.

… but I’m slow. So I spent most of the day listening to Overwhelm Monkey and getting nothing done, despite my inner nagging to get outside and take a walk.

Eventually, I did go outside. And I did listen ye to the birds, sniff the frankincensey smell of the season, and I even saw a deer (it ran right past me! Twice!) and I remembered how lucky I am to be alive, to be very loved, and to have a house full of stuff, and how even if my lesson sucked, even if I loose my job, even if I still can’t find my flipping tax paperwork after two days of searching for it, it will all be OK. This is all a minor blip on the epic novel that is my life. So I prayed. And grounded my energy.

I stonked back to my house in my pink wellies, and I did some dance practice. My Overwhelm Monkey had been telling me that doing dance practice was a waste of precious time. He lied. 

I know that the answer to most stuff is divine connection and action. I just don’t always remember it.

Overwhelm Monkey successfully slain. For now. I do not doubt that he’ll be back. I just better listen to the tools next time.