The is love and then there is love. There’s all sorts of people love: friend love, romantic love, family love, love for pets and animals.

Then there is what I call Big Love. If I get out of my head for a moment and just spend some time Being, even if my world is going completely toilet-shaped, I can tune into this huge undercurrent of love in the world. I look at the trees and insects and the big, cold blue sky, and I feel so much love and amazement. The ivy smothering the earth around me, the birds freaking out because there is a human under their tree, the spongy green moss and lichen covering the old walls. The world is awesome.

I look at people, and I see myself in every one of them, their cute people lives where they worry about taking clothes out of the washing machine on time and what they will eat for dinner and giving people cuddles. I see all these people, and I love them and want to give them a big hug just for being them.

Then I slip back into my brain thoughts: what am I going to eat tonight? Is the washing machine finished yet? – and I forget about this Big Love that brings us all together and the peace tuning into that brings me.

I am sure everyone has these moments of connection with the world – I consider my self a spiritual C-student, decidedly average in my talents. I’ve been noticing those moments more and more recently, as I try to understand that the world and the point of living is so, so much more than my puny job, my daily commute, and my grumpy thoughts.