I love God. Love her. ( I know, surprise!)

I’m very fond of a number of goddesses – they’re the ones that pull me and make me read and look at anything with their name on it. I love Yemanja and Oshun, Yoruban Goddesses of water from Africa. Morgana le Fey, obviously, the Morrigan and Mab the Faery Queen.

But I was never quite sure how they fit in with the one great all-encompassing goddess, and in my experiences individual goddesses have always felt like a force of their own anyway, even though my strongest belief is that all gods are all part of one giant god force. Lots of individual gods with no connection to the whole makes no sense to me.

To explain this, there’s the old “Goddess is a diamond” metaphor, where goddess is the diamond, and Yemanja, Morgana et. al are all shiny facets, each a different side of the goddess.

Fairy snuff, I reasoned, until I actually thought about it – what, we are going to ignore the rest of this massive god-diamond and only look at one tiny shiny surface? To me it sounds like a massive mansion filled with light with all the curtains drawn except one – we only see a piddly amount of light, compared to the vast crazy sunshine held within the mansion.

A piddly, diluted amount of God compared to the beautiful whole.

How does that make sense?

So for a long while, I just spoke to the Great Goddess. I called her Nolava, the intangible goddess-force of Avalon. Giving her a name and a colour (purple) made her more evocative for me than contacting an all encompassing Great Goddess, which made me realise that as a human, I need to be able to find something to identify with to connect with Her well.

But I still longed for something more personable – as I said, I’m a human, I can’t help it. I like being able to relate to stuff. I was trying to figure out how Morgan le Fey and Oshun fit in with the overall goddess theory, and couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. They didn’t feel like weak deity lights – they often feel stronger than just calling on the Great Goddess.

So I figured a new theory.

First we abandon the diamond metaphor completely. Gone. See ya

Then instead we think of God as this huge pool of light, so big and bright and limitless and encompassing so so much it’s almost overwhelming. Imagine she filters into everything, over everything, on everything, is everything – you are so immersed in her, you can’t really see her. A bit like you can’t really see the air around you, you can’t hold it, or contain it, but you can feel that it is there.

So we are a bit lost – we don’t have anything to focus on. As God is everything, every aspect, we are trying to connect with so much whenever we want to connect with her, it gets a bit confusing.

Where do the individual gods and goddesses fit in? Think of them like a magnifying glass – they focus the God energy into vessels we can interact with, vessels that our human brain can understand. As goddess is everything, the individual gods can focus some of her everything – one magnifying glass may bring more of God’s destructive energy into focus for us, another may focus more upon her mothering energy, or sexy energy, or snakey energy… but the power or the whole pool of light is behind the beam from the magnifying glass.

So Morgana is mainly a focus of magic and transformation, Morrigan is mainly a focus of strength and sovreignity, and so on, but each goddess contains the Great Goddess within her. Like a microcosm of a macrocosm, or like a hologram – each little piece of the hologram contains the full hologram within it.

This is my theory, and it makes sense to me. What do you think?