I’m an artist. I have been since I was four. No choice.

I always was the crazy creative kid – I could draw anything, make anything, with anything. (Picasso had his Blue period, I had my Masking Tape Animals period.)

I fell into wicca, witchcraft and goddess spirituality at 13 years old or so, inspired along by Mizz magazine (! It’s a trashy teenage magazine. Who knew?). Witchcraft and Goddess Spirituality has been really important to me since then, but for years I never told anyone. It was my shameful little secret.

I was seventeen perhaps, and by then I knew all I really wanted to do was paint spiritual art. I wanted to paint goddesses. I started with this one: Yemanya, the Yoruban mother Goddess of the Oceans.

I went to University to study Fine Art, and I wanted to paint goddesses, but I didn’t. I didn’t yet have the courage to stand up for my beliefs and explain them in my art. See, at art school, there needed to be reasons behind what I created. I needed to be able to discuss my art with my tutors and lecturers, but I wasn’t ready for my beliefs and the things I value and hold so tightly on to to be challenged. So I ended up painting mermaids instead. Mermaids are so much easier to discuss than God. Mermaids are awesome.

The end of university was a horrible horrible experience for me, and on top of that, I was completely burnt out from months of 10-11 hour days of painting and then essay writing on top of it. So I refused to paint any more. 


A year later, I picked up my paintbrush, and since then I have been on a slow journey to rediscover art and how much I love it. Because, I’d forgotten.

Now, I paint goddesses and mermaids. Almost exclusively. I want to paint what is meaningful to me, I want to paint subjects I can be passionate about. I create images of the Goddess in her honour, I paint mermaids to inspire me and others (because they are so freakin’ awesome), I draw fishes and use messy paints and stick flowers and glitter on everything because I CAN.

I’m less precious about exposing my personal side in my art. (I’m over it. I’ll tell you about it some day.) So much so that it’s almost all my personal side.

It really has taken me a long time to get to this place in my art, and I think wherever I am going with it, I’m not quite there yet. I’m still not sure what to do with it or how it fits in. But that’s OK. Life has a tendency of all working out in the end.


While I’m figuring out what to do with my arty skillz, I sell art prints and create bespoke paintings for people via my Etsy shop, Soul of the Sea (It’s called that because mermaids rule!).