Life is a lot like climbing a mountain.

Sometimes it’s easy going. Sometimes you look around you and the view is breathtakingly beautiful.

Sometimes it’s really hard, and you are scrambling over rocks like clinging with your fingernails each step of the way.

And sometimes, it’s just really boring.

You might even feel a little lost along the way.

But you are always moving up the mountain. You are always moving. Sure, you may be stuck in the hard bit for a while – but there will be a beautiful bit a little further on. You may be a little lost in the mountain fog. That’s OK, because you are always going to keep moving, and you’ll get out of the fog soon enough. Maybe you’re enjoying a beautiful view and some sun. Turn a corner and you might be back on the boring side of the mountain, scabbed earth around you and a crappy old quarry to look at.

I’m stuck in a tricky boring bit. But I won’t be here forever. I’m just going to keep moving, and the scenery will change soon enough.

(Thanks Mum for your smart words!)