As any little girl will tell you, horses are the best.

I love horses. To me they are huge kind beautiful animals, who have worked with humans for thousands of years rather than revolting and killing us, which considering how much bigger than us they are they could easily do. I like the patchy horses with the flared booties best. Doesn’t everyone?

Since horses are so important to humans, it’s no surprise that they crop up in myth and legend alongside our favourite gods and goddesses. Most well known may be the welsh goddess Rhiannon and her horse, who stars in her most famous tale of running away from Pwyll until he asks them to slow up for him. The awesome Irish goddess Macha, a facet of the Morrighan, is a horse goddess. Big, scary, otherwordly horses are a staple accessory for Faery Kings and Queens.

Horses tend to represent the ability to journey between worlds, I’m betting simply because both humans, faeries and gods use them to get places.

Horses always have this incredibly serene, wise, magical quality about them. I understand why lots of people are afraid of them (maybe it’s the freakin’-massive-animal-with-hooves thing), but I think they are wonderful, and suspect little girls the world over love them as they are such an interactive animal – you need to look after them, you can do stuff together, and they are an animal, which kids love.

To finish this post, welcome to the gallery of beautiful horses! (I wanted to call it horse porn, but upon further thought, decided against it.)

Mmmm lovely horses.

I’m taking part (erratically, mind you) in the Pagan Blog Project. H is for Horses!