Sometimes it’s really cool being a blogger. Especially when people send you free books to review! Mega win!

Random House sent me The Source by Ursula James to read and review on the blog, which could have been kinda dicey for them had it sucked.

They very wisely sent me a copy without a picture of a moth on the front. Eugh.

First off, if I had not been sent a copy, the cheesy title The Source would have both put me off and compelled me in equal measure (lurve new age nonsense books). On reading it, the talk of The Source throughout the book really pushed the cheese boundaries. It makes me think of the Source of All Evil in Charmed, and it’s a bit weird when every other sentence you get a mugshot of Julian McMahon in your head.

Hello, Source of All Evil here..

Moving past the I-know-something-you-don’t-know marketing ploy(I am sure cleverly employed to convert all the Secret peeps to witchcraft), I thought this book rocked, and I will tell you why –

Ursula’s magical journey begins with the reader confronting their own death. Yup. And I was sold.

What it doesn’t do is tell you to ignore all the crappy bits of your life and only think of the good things and what you want (thank GOD). Surprise! I was surprised by this approach in something that looked so like The Secret. Ursula wants you to confront your shadow, and understand it, and through facing it move through it to better things.

It works through lots of simple rituals, meditations and actions full of magic to firstly clear out that in your life that isn’t working for you and then make space to welcome in your dreams. I liked it so much, and the techniques outlined in it were so simple and full of common-sense (like a proper witch!) that I am right now activly working through the chapters of the book, and usually it takes a lot to persuade me to get ass my ass and actually do what a book tells me to do.

So, well done Ursula James and Random House. I really dug this book, and if you are into simple witchcraft with a whole total-life-transformation aim, read this book.