I am the least domestic witch you will ever meet. I don’t have kids to look after. I don’t host dinner parties. I dislike cooking. And cleaning. And tidying. And cleaning. And cooking. ( I do like hoovering though, shhhhh.) But I am on a cleaning bender at the moment, and I can’t be stopped.

I have been sweeping, cleaning, chucking stuff out without impunity, washing, hoovering, organising shoes and (get this) even cleaning windows and doors.

I think this is half triggered by spending about 90% of my time stuck in the house (jobhunting and lesson planning), half by working through The Source book and half by reading a lot of magical stuff about linking your home to your life.

So I’m cleaning, and as I clean, I imbue each task with a magical intention. I clean the windows thinking about letting light and clear-seeing into my life. I clear my hallway with the intention of making space for new opportunities to come into my life. I chuck my belongings with the intention of making space for more beautiful things (and so there will be less to tidy in the future dammit). I’m going through my spiritual library working out which books to chuck so I will only have a library of practical, nourishing spirituality filled with awesome.

I am learning that living in a clean, de-cluttered space ROCKS. And clean windows rock too. What a difference!

I am also learning to bring itty-bits of witchery into my every day life, and bring back the magic, the witchery and the spellcraft that has been missing so much in my life recently.

This evening, I will be hoovering the stairs. Bring it, dirt. 

I’m taking part (erratically, mind you) in the Pagan Blog Project. H is for House Cleaning!