I cannot believe I am stooping so low as to write this post.

Fluffy Bunnies is a term used within the pagan community to describe, essentially, how much less informed and trusting other people are than you, new wide-eyed converts to wicca, or people in the community who focus on the love and light aspects of witchcraft and talk a lot about the “burning times”.

As far as I understand it, the primary goal of fluff-flaming is to prove how knowledgeable you are by comparison. This is something I have seen all over the shop in paganisim and witchcraft – the all-consuming need to look like you know more about (insert topic here) than everyone else, all the time.

The other goal of the Campaign Against Fluffy Bunnies is protecting the witchy faith (whatever that is) from people who make us look bad – the teenager doing it to freak out her christian parents, the goth clique trying to look alternative and cool, instant witches who claim they are wiccan after reading one book (which usually turns out to be Silver RavenWolf – I like Silver Ravenwolf!) or anyone that says wicca is all about love and light.  I guess you’d say that it’s about stamping out immature behaviour in the community (which is most definitely not restricted to Wicca and, lets face it, is a battle that will never be won).

Whereas I understand the need to protect the image of our faith, the whole fluffy bunny idea really irritates me. Yes, the insta-witches are annoying, and people operating on crappy information are also annoying (the whole “never again the burning times” thing is REALLY annoying) but to me it just seems like a waste to focus time on the bad representations of our faith and spreading more hate around. It’s not important – either the so-called “fluffy bunnies” are happy in their bubble of love and light (which is fine by me), or they will respond to further education about the craft and their original mega-enthusiasim will hit a steady rate, or it is a fad (every group has em’) and they fall out of it, or perhaps they are the kind of person who use their faith purely as a back up of how stubbornly right and better than everyone else they are, and hells bells does every faith have a big bunch of those people.

I think it’s stupid. Wicca and witchcraft does not need more hate or internal resistance and this whole cutural “fluff bunny” thing is ridiculous.

What makes it even more hilarious, is that the term was coined from an episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to describe crappy wannabe wiccans. Ho ho ho.

I’m taking part (very erratically, mind you) in the Pagan Blog Project. F is for Fluff Bunnies!