I admit it, I am addicted to reading priestess programs.

Avalon Within by Jhenah Telyndru is a really really different kind of priestess training manual to my beloved Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess textbook by Kathy Jones. Really different.

Being a Priestess in Jhenah’s Avalonian tradition is about finding your own inner Goddess, your inner truth and following your own deepest desires to claim sovereignty over your own life. She’s all about unlocking the layers of wounding and hurt that prevent you from living your own truth fully and completely.

Sovereignty has been a personal watchword to me that has kept popping up in my own spiritual practice, telling me what life is meant to be about, and baby, it’s all about finding your truth and living it.

Goddess has not given us this life so that we can play safe and all try to be the same and normal. She doesn’t want us to be ordinary because she made us all to be extraordinary.

We all have something unique and special, and usually it’s the thing that’s so easy and simple to us that we don’t recognize it as special. We freak out because in a world of 6 billion people, there are others with similar talents and visions and businesses, and we assume we don’t need any more of them. We create these beliefs where our innate gifts and talents being inferior and not important, because they aren’t big enough, or because we all know that anything worthwhile and valuable should never, ever be easy. To be valuable it should be difficult, and it should also cost a lot of money. Our society is very cleverly programmed to keep us too terrified to follow our truth so we will stay nice and orderly and manageable and spend lots of money instead.

Ultimately, it’s crazy to live through life running away from what you really want to do just because you are scared.

To me, spirituality has always been both about discovering Goddess and discovering who I really am, and gradually, merging these two things together until I see that my dream for me is the same as Her dream for me.

As I strip away the layers of blankets covering my deepest self, I find Goddess shining radiantly in the middle.

And she says, Don’t be scared. Be Brave. This is who you are. Live me.

And as soon as I start to live her wisdom, I smile.