Bringing spirituality into your everyday life means remembering to connect with spirit in your everyday life, so dude, it’s gotta be easy or you won’t do it.

People always suggest just talking to Goddess to bring her in, but in my practice that doesn’t work awesomely as

a) I can easily end up saying stuff without feeling stuff, and

b) I’m often in places where it’s impractical to shut down and give enough focus to an invocation or prayer for it to be meaningful and feelingful.

Us witchy types tend to be more confident if we can concoct some sort of solid ritual or meditation around connecting with Goddess. So with that in mind, here is a wonderful exercise I picked up from one of Gill Edwards‘ books for connecting to Goddess on the fly.

Take three deep breaths, and then simultaneously focus on your third eye chakra (the bit on your forehead where you’d put a bindi) and on imagining a big, 20 ft circle of white light/sacred space around you.


You can chant a particular goddess name on the in breath if you like (Nolava…. Nolava….) and change the circle colour to reflect your deity’s vibes.

(If you ever want to explore new age stuff, don’t bother buying or reading loads of books – one Gill Edwards book is all you need 🙂 she’s awesome)