I’ve read the book, and I really, really disliked it. In my brain it was all winge winge winge and too much like religious politics today – you aren’t listening to me, no you aren’t listening to me, I’m right, you’re wrong, I’m scared, fight fight fight – and it went on and on and on. I felt it was a lot like Arthurian Desperate Housewives – if they stopped being dishonest and manipulative and scared and just talked to eachother, everything would have worked out fine, no-one would have died, and a very long book would have been a happy 300 pages shorter and I wouldn’t have had to spend so long shouting at the characters for being stupid and not listening to eachother.

But the film was awesome. I loved it. I loved all the priestess stuff. I loved the character of Morgaine, I loved the medievalness, the cheesy painted sets,  all the cast were fab, loved loved loved it. It was gorgeous, it was realistic, it was well done…. Sigh. I really didn’t expect to like it so much.

I doubly liked Morgaine after I twigged the gorgeous actress also played Nina Broderick in Scrubs. This is her. 

But it’s great – readers, go forth, que up thy Netflix and watch thee Mists of Avalon.

Here’s the beginning on Youtube to get you started. It comes with additional Portueguese Subtitles, so you can learn as you have fun. Yay!!!