When I first got really interested in faeries and folklore, I was super happy and excited learning about all this awesome mythology, stories and beings of the land. My own belief in faeries pops between actual belief in the faerie’s existence as living, other-dimensional beings (a bit like a mix between devas and humans) and faeries being the tangible personification of nature.

I disovered a book by Doreen Virtue that spoke about Earth Angels, that is angels, faeries, mermaids, sorcerers and star people (read: friendly aliens) incarnated as humans, and I thought – how cool would it be to be a faery in human form! But I never thought I was one, even though I fit Doreen’s Faery profile to a tee.

Lots of faery peeps seem like to like to believe that they are faeries in human form; “But I am so drawn to them!” they say. “I must be a faery! I don’t fit in with other people!”

What I have seen recently is lots of people realising how AWESOME mermaids are (cos, y’know, they are the best) and deciding they are both a mermaid and a faery in a human soul. “But I am so drawn to them!” they say. “I don’t fit in around humans! And mermaids are awesome! I must be a mer-faery!”

I dunno. I think, when a human is obsessed by basketball, it doesn’t mean that they are a basketball in human form.

I think, there are so many humans who don’t fit in around lots of humans.

And I think this.

I think people want to be special – come on, we all do – and being a mer-being or a faery-being is a way of achieving this. That’s fine by me – it’s not hurting anyone, and it gives people a sense of purpose and belonging and the worst thing it can do is annoy people a little bit. Being a human is seen as boring and non-special. I struggled with this when I read Earth Angels. With all these cool new-age personality profiles, being *just* a human seemed like the crappy option.

But what is wrong with being just a human? I mean, we’re pretty incredible. Look at all the cool stuff we do! We stand for creativity, adaptability, sociable-ness, inquisitiveness, and action. As a human, (particularly the kind of western human who has access to this blog) we are so free to be and choose and love and create our destiny. I don’t think being a human is a crappy option at all. I think we are pretty awesome really.

If all the people who are interested in faeries really are faeries, how are proper faeries going to spread awareness into the human world if only the faeries-masquerading-as-humans listen to them?

As a fae-inspired or fae-touched human, we can be wonderful human Faerie Ambassadors, or artists, or witches, or activists, or teachers… I don’t think being human means being completely mundane – maybe that’s what people are scared of. Being human can cross a lot of  boundaries, into love, divinity, magic, peace, creation and more. It’s like a point between a lot of places with a huge amount of choice of where you want to go, especially nowadays.

We need weirdo humans to show all the weirdos-in-hiding that they are not alone and it’s safe to come out and live their truth, whether that’s being obsessed with faeries or basketball or writing poetry outside naked in thunderstorms.

So in conclusion, I just wanted to say, being uber-keen on faeries or mermaids doesn’t mean you really are a faery or a mermaid – but that’s totally, 100% fine, because as an incredible, creative, adaptable human being you can love and be influenced by faeries and be just as magical.