Loads of my favourite bloggers participate in Wishcasting Wednesday, so I thought I’d join the cool crowd this week and do it too.

This week: What is your heart’s wish?

My heart’s wish is to live my dreams without fear and without resistance.

It’s funny how the more you want something and the more it matters to you, the more resistance you put in front of it, as if a part of you doesn’t think you deserve it. My dream is to be a full-time, full-on, full-awesome bellydance teacher and performer. But even though it’s my dearest wish and what makes my heart sing, I only think about it with stress and fear, never with love and joy, thinking about how far away and how difficult it is, rather than how far I have come and how much I love it.

Automatically being scared and stress is pants. I wish for my auto pilot to be joy and excitement about the future, always.