The moon has a big focus in witchcraft. We have full moon rituals, drawing down the moon rituals, new moon rituals, moon water, moon crystals, moon astrology – we have moon everything, y’all.

On a bus home from work the other day, I saw the moon in the sky, and she was gorgeous. However, I realised something.

For all our focus on the mooning and moongazing that we pagan chaps get up to, despite what Wikipedia has to say on the matter, we don’t actually worship the moon at all. We know it’s a hunk of rock in the sky. We’re cool with it.

It’s what the moon symbolises. To us (well, witches like me), it’s a big beautiful reminder in the sky, what I like to call a trigger, that tells us to switch into the present and connect with the presence of Goddess.

It’s such a great divinity trigger because the moon is so gorgeous and peaceful and magical to watch, wiccan or not. And, she turns up every single day.

It’s not actually the physical manifestation of Goddess (other than the fact that essentially everything is goddess) and Goddess does not live in the moon (unless she is Chang O of course!). It’s just our symbol, our trigger, to remind us of our witchy nature and of the Goddess present in every moment.

I’m taking part (very erratically, mind you) in the Pagan Blog Project. M is for Moon!