This post is a bit bitchin’, but not in an awesome way, in a sass-yo-ass way.

I’m a big fan of Leonie Dawson for some reason, I think it’s because she comes across as such a happy chappy in her blog and she’s always really honest about stuff like poo and having the bejeesus scared out of her. I like that in my women.

She opened her Goddess Circle a couple of years back, and I was a part of it for a while – it was pretty cool, but I had other more rockin’ things to spend my money on after a bit.

What I am noticing in Blogland are loads of blogs trying to be more like Leonie’s, using pet names for the reader (“Hello gorgeous soul!”), switching to more new age vague “I wanna help you!!!! topics and “Ten ways to do this so you can live your shiniest life, petalblossom” sorta topics. People are getting really content specific, and wanting to offer CONTENT in every post.

Fairy snuff. Some people get it right, some people don’t, and even people who get it right make my skin crawl when they call me “petalblossom”. Eurgh.

With some people I know it’s genuine, and that’s cool, but I wonder: Leonie did an awesome business goddess course with a big emphasis on blogging from your heart, and I feel there are a squadron of LeonaClones out there, who haven’t quite worked out how to blog from their heart and not hers.

Maybe it’s a bit like art school – copy someone else’s work till you can see what about it you want to take with you.

I tried blogging like Leonie: I can’t remember if I published my effort or not. I hope I didn’t. I tried to Show Up, as she puts it, tried to be vulnerable, to be nurturing towards my reader, call them nice names and say something deep and wisdomful. But it ain’t my style – I felt like I was playacting at being some deep and wisdomful LeonaClone and it didn’t work. Whatever my voice is, it isn’t like hers, at all, full stop.

It’s not that I don’t want to offer readers something deep and meaningful that will happily haunt them all day long like a ghost cuddle. I’d love that, and if you’ve ever got ghost cuddles from my work, please, pimp me a message and let me know!  But I know there is no point trying to sound like Leonie, or anyone else, because my wisdom isn’t her wisdom, and I’d just end up sounding like a took*.

*(took – from “fool of a took” as in:

Gandalf: Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity.

Surely I’m not the only LOTR geek out there?)