Inspired by my friend Dominee over at Blessing Manifesting, here is a How’s it Going post.

It’s going tough. Like loads of people right now, I’m out of normal work, and have been trying to capture normal work for the last 9 months. Yikes. I do lots of temping stuff – covering people’s dentist appointments, childcare issues, holidays to the maldives, that sort of thing – but there is a limit on how much of that I can do because of old injuries – a full day on the computer clicking away is death to my hands, as I still have recovering RSI from a couple of years ago, and working full time is completely out for me, as my hands just can’t do it.

Officially, I am self employed as a dance teacher and performer and I love it, but crikey that’s tough also. I feel like I am still not in the self-employed mindset properly.

Thank the crap I have an awesome friend in the same place as me, and we can get together in the daytimes and motivate each other and try to keep our heads above water. This afternoon we are having a mermaid art/business afternoon…. yes, it’s Mersday people.

Being poor is….. not fun. It gets to the point where you look at yourself and see that all you think and say is “I can’t do that winge winge winge”.

I am so incredibly thankful for all the wonderful people who have come to my classes or hired my dancing skillz over the past half a year – seriously, these guys have been the only reason I have been able to pay my rent, and I am so incredibly thankful.

Which in itself is pretty amazing – I can survive on just my self employed career to an extent! Hurrah!!

And I am so grateful for my amazing boyfriend, who pays for most of my food and helps me out with bills and took me on holiday to Greece. Without him, I would be up poo creek.  Covered in poo.

So that is a picture of my life right now. I hope yours is kicking the ass of mine financially!