Why Hello there! It’s been a while!

Samhain was awesome/odd, like most of my festival celebrations – I feel like I should be doing more/digging it more/riding high on a crazy wave of elite witchiness all day, and then when I don’t I feel really down and confused. But I freakin’ love Halloween. I wore a turban to be a gypsy fortune teller (any excuse – I am bringing turbans back y’all) and then donned fangs to be an amazing Queen of the Vampires, beehive and all.

Of course, Samhain is the Witches New year, and a new lotta things for me – new job, new house, erm, new year – and so I have my witches’ new year resolutions. I had a think about my life, where it is and what is not up to par, and decided two things.

No more worrying.

More having fun. All the time.
Worrying? Freakin’ pointless. I ran a big event where I stood very liable to be financially in the poop (I mean loosing a grand or so) until a week before the event, when it all pulled through and I even made a profit. I spent literally months freaking out – what if I can’t pay up? Where will I get the money from? – and in the end, it was awesome. I made a profit, and all was well in the world. Worrying seriously does nothing for anyone. Huge learning exercise there. So I’m giving it up. But in a nice way – I’m not going to use Not Worrying as a way to measure me down because I still occasionally worry about stuff.

And? I’ve realised I have been creatively blocked because all the fun stuff has lost it’s fun – it’s shoulds, and needs, and musts rather than yays and wahoos and what if I try this crazy thing? Life is all about having fun – it makes everything better in every way, and I am changing my attitude. Fun comes first. Make everything I can fun.

So those be my witches’ new years resolutions. And the resolution rule? Take it slowly, easily and gently 😀