I’m sticking in an updated review of my Crimbly presents – Magical Housekeeping and The Way Of The Sea Priestess.

Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst rocks. I’m really diggin’ this chappy. I was anoyed that it was quite simple at first and not entirely what I expected, but after thinking about it, there’s lots to be doing and thank crap it’s not chokka or I’d feel overwhelmed and never get round to doing anything. It’s changing the way I look at my home and the space I live in, and I am even more exited to be on this domestic witch kick I am currently rockin’.

Some of it is a bit new age, some of it is cute, and although I think the author forgets that most of the world doesn’t live in a gluten-free vegan larder packed with spelt, I really like this one – it’s inspiring. The line that sealed it for me was when the author was talking about animal imagery and energies, and her closing line on snakes was:

“Sorry, but no pet snakes. Snakes want to be free!”

I told you I’ve had difficulty with The Way Of The Sea Priestess by Louise Tarrier. I still haven’t finished it. All the things I said before still hold true on this one, but I am finding that although the writing is real hard going, underneath it are really great and valuable priestessing concepts and practices that I am actually applying to my own practice. Louise obviously practices what she writes about, and it’s wonderful reading about that. I think kinder of it the more time has passed since reading it – when I jump back in to read it, I get frustrated again.

So I’d recommend The Way Of The Sea Priestess to people who are trying to get their hands on everything they can about self-taught priestessing and devotional Goddess paths. If you are not really craving and jonesing for that, I’d give this one a miss as it’s tough going.