You all know I can’t stop reading.

Years ago, when I lived and cooked for myself, I was a total veggie living mainly dairy free. I’m not that keen on meat, or mass killing animals for food, and milk makes me feel sick.

When I went back home to live with my mum, I slowly went back to non veggie-ism. Salmon, lamb, nom nom nom. And now I live with Superman, I eat meat without thinking really.

Diet is a really funny issue- mention anything about it and everyone thinks you are personally attacking their lifestyle choices. Me included.

I used to believe that veggie-isim was an integral part of my Wiccan identity – how can you love the planet if you are murdering and eating half of it? I’m sure I was quite righteous about it. Sorry. Us humans do freakin’ love being right.

Sodding spirituality, meat and its friends do make me feel sluggish, and veggies make me feel like I am made of woodland goodness – it’s no secret I have a fairy tummy, and I aspire to be the kind of person that drinks green smoothies and raw food salads, I just haven’t got round to it yet. Because even when there is something you know will be great for you, and even your inner guidedness (usually so secretive and quiet) is screaming “YOU WANT RAW BROCCOLI WOMAN! TURN ON THAT F’IN BLENDER!” It’s so so much easier not to do all that difficult change stuff and to continue plodding along with”The Normal” instead.

I picked up Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin this afternoon and I’ve been reading it. I am vegan- friendly, so the secret agenda of persuading you to Eat Vegan was not a horrid surprise, and was actually mega convincing. I’ve been reading about how gross milk is (preaching to the choir sisters!) and how nasty animal farming is (shudder) and I’ve decided I am choosing to go veg again. Not necessarily in one move, cold turkey. I’m just gonna start being more thoughtful about what I eat.

I think it’s the right choice for my fairy tummy, but not necessarily for yours. No more delicious torture chicken for me.