I think I understand the concept of having a special witchy name a bit more now.

It’s a way of bypassing all the funk that your normal, worrisome ego brain pulls on you when you wanna get down with some wicca and pull out the assurance and confidence of your witchy self.

Lemme explain.

I always thought that regular ol’ me was enough for witchery. I righteously believed that I should believe that I was totally awesome and worthy and capable, and if I didn’t, well obviously I was being stupid. I saw the idea of taking on a different personality as a kind of betrayal – a way of saying, I’m not good enough, so I will pretend to be someone else.

However, that just means if you are getting down with wicca, it’s easy for your regular self to recite all these excuses as to how you don’t deserve to be a witch, and therefore anything you do just won’t work and you feel super crap. And it’s all your own fault, because if you simply believed in yourself, then everything would be wonderful, you massive jerk you.

(Hopefully I’m not the only one with these kinda issues – I’m the sort of person who has a tendency to believe that you only deserve something if you spend literally all your time working obsessively, obsessively hard at it, and even then, I discredit all the hard work I do do. This extends to Wicca as I don’t feel like I work hard enough at it. This is an issue I am working on at the moment.)

It’s really hard to bust out of this kind of thinking. So the point of a witch name is to just cut the crap back down to your essential witchy self. The main thing is the knowledge that this is a core part of you, not just a ridiculous fantasy of being a Charmed one or an Ancient Oak High Priestess of Majyik, which is what I always worried about. I reckon your witchy self is just who you would be without all those worries and fears bringing you down, because when I am my witchy self, I am clear, confident, focused and decisive, things I am definitely not a lot of the regular time. I care and respect what I think, not what others think. And I think that’s what we are all like underneath all the stuff we’ve picked up and piled on top of it.That doesn’t mean you should get everyone to call you ArtemisCalling, or UnicornPrincess, or whatever your witch name is. (Maybe it’s Zoe, or maybe

So there we are. I think I get it. What do you think the point of a magical/witchy name is?