On a wonderful adventure in Devon last weekend I picked this book up in a bookshop on discount. £4.99! Get in.

Goddess Bless!

It’s Goddess Bless: Divine Affirmations, Prayers and Blessings by Sirona Knight.

I’ve seen it online before, but never bought it because my other adventure with this kinda book – Be Blessed by Denise Dumars  – really left me cold. I didn’t like the tone (really conversational, which is usually win – didn’t work on me this time though), or the way it jumped pantheons exclusively and non-stop, or the stuff in it really. I just didn’t find it useful, or beautiful, or steeped in the divine, which is what I’d want from a devotional book. I gave it away in the end.

So I was really put off the idea of buying another devotional book.

This one rocks though. It’s just full of prayers, beautiful prayers, to goddess, and some pantheon goddesses too – Anu pops up a lot (She’s a fave), Aphroditie too, a bunch of Nordic goddesses, but mostly the prayers and affirmations are just addressed to the Great Goddess. It’s wonderful, especially since I suck at writing poetry and beautiful divine things. The prayers are wonderful, and the affirmations are really really great and uplifting, and there are some lovely ideas in here of how to use prayers in your life, and what to use them for. And there are prayers and devotionals in here for everything, dude.

It feels like how you’d imagine a prayerbook ought to feel.

So huge thumbs up for this purchase. Recommended!