I’ve been spectacularly quiet this month because my old wrist injury’s flared up again and typing hurts it, so no typing for fun generally speaking.

That said, I wanted to share my 5 favourite, day-changing affirmations from May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein, which I worked through earlier this year (and it rocked!). 

I suck at making up affirmations, so I like to pick them up off other people. Literally, pick a short one, and say it lots to yourself in the day, whenever you remember. 

Take ’em and use ’em, my monkey children. All the day all the time. Especially number 1. 

1. I am grateful for this moment.

2. Today I am a miracle worker. I choose to see love in all.

3. I could see love instead of this.

4. I choose to believe in abundance and accept this belief as my reality.

5. I forgive myself for having that thought. I choose love instead. 

I look forward to meeting you in more teeny tiny posts in the future.