I always think of life changing books as something that other people read that COMPLETELY changed my life – for example, before I read this book I was totally addicted to sniffing alsations, I sat at home all day every day finding dogs on the internet and sniffing my lovely pet alsation till I was outta my head, I lost my boyfriend, my job etc, BUT, after reading this book, I am dog-sniffing sober, started a six figure business and wake up at 6am every day to do 45 mins of yoga! Hooray!

These ain’t those kinda books. I think one in a million people have that kind of reaction to just reading a book.

I thought about it and realised that life changing doesn’t just mean insane-drama-death-or-cake life change, it can be smaller and saner than that. So here’s the list of books (and their friends) that this year have changed my life.

1. Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
This book, which is chocka full of swear words by the way, reminded my why I’ve always felt like a veggie on the inside, and inspired me to go, you know what? I choose not to eat meat any more. Not dramatic, not full of desperate gut wrenching indecision, just an, Ok, lets eat some more veggies and less lamb burgers. Boom. Life changed.

2. Freebie exerpt of Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen book
This freebie exerpt (which you can go here and download) got me making green smoothies. I’d tried making them before, but they tasted like crap, and I felt that there wasn’t any point because to be a health nut juice head I had to get a juicer, and those bad boys cost a frikkin fortune. There’s a Green Goddess smootie in this exerpt which is delish, and gave me the freedom to improvise and create my own mega vitamin C and iron smoothie a while later. I chug down about 3 green smoothies a week now. Yes I am very smug about it too.

3. Martha Beck’s Finding Your Way in a Wild New World
This life coachy book is glorious – because it’s not like real life coaching, and the woman can’t stop telling us animal stories all the time. Seriously full of animal stories, it’s great.
Anyway, her business coaching manifesto revolves around Wordlessness (which is Ekhart-Tolle-style mindfulness meditation) and having a great time. Work should be play, she says, and when it starts feeling like work, you need to take a nap and come back to it later. and oh, she says, listen to this animal story while you are at it. Genius. She’s interested in getting us to operate our brains a bit more like animals do – in the moment, unstressed, and bereft of all that human neroses nonsense. Check it out.

4. Rose Cole’s Free High Priestess Training Audio Series
On my birthday this year I had a sort-of nap by the fire and listened to the first one of these, and it make me think – fuck this. I am 25 now and more than old enough to live the life I want. And I am totally able to. So I am gonna do it. So I am working on it, and I’m more comitted to my vision of how I want my life to be than every before.
And you can go listen to these for yourself right here – you have to sign up for it.

That’s it, peeps. We can totally have life changing experiences without having to hit rock bottom first or live in drama town.