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Summer McStravick

I heard about Summer McStravick though Leonie Dawson World’s Biggest Summit a couple of years ago.  I liked what she had to say and she seemed really nice too, so I went investigating.

Her business is selling meditations of what she calls Flowdreamings. She hearts Flowdreamings. Basically they are Law Of Attraction guided meditations, where you use feelings to manifest stuff by creating a blueprint for the future. She does it by going into what she calls “The Flow”.

I had been meaning to create an audio meditation for a long time based around my dreams to get vibing with them, but I never got around to it. So I bought one instead.

This one is called Attracting Clients, Customers and Sales, I listened to it on the bus to work every morning for about two weeks.

It took me a while to get used to her voice – think over-enthusiastic American Broadway musical (my personal voice kryptonite). But after a couple of listens I was over it.

She keeps talking about “your Flow” all the time, which does kinda make me giggle because in England “your Flow” means your period, so it was as if my period wanted all these lovely things for me. Hee hee hee.

The point of the meditation is to get you projecting good feelings into your future so you can create a future awesomeness.  It’s meant to be lovely and feel great.  However I found that initially everything Summer said I responded to with fear, telling myself it’s lies,  that it can’t happen, I don’t deserve it, and feeling worried about all this imaginary money coming to me in my Flowdream – I felt worse and more hopeless after the meditation than before.

Summer does say on how website somewhere that anybody working with her personally is required to use the banishing fear meditation before going on to anything else and on reflection that is a very sensible suggestion,  because my fear and issues were seriously tripping me up.

I found a way around it though, so it felt good – this might be really useful for you Goddess peeps out there.

I think the idea of “The Flow” just wasn’t working with me. I eventually switched the idea of the flow to the idea of surrendering to the Goddess and opening to receive from her and this TOTALLY worked, and it was lovely – I left the Flowdream feeling really positive about the future.

Lotsa reviews on the site of the Flowdreams say stuff like “I did this money meditation and then two days later I earnt an unexpected $200!” which may be true for other peeps but deffo not for me, so I’d be wary of treating it like an instant magic spell thing – better for a change-your-attitude kinda thing I think.

So that’s my experience with Summer McStravick. HEADS UP – you can get a freebie Flowdream from her website right here if you wanna test it out.