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Don’t Forget Y’all! Faeriedaughter is moving to a new home at www.priestesstraining.com – go there from Mabon 2013 to keep up with all the priestess training, interviews and witchy goodness!

Last year I bought a book by Stephanie Woodfield called the Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan. I wrote a little review of it here and I loved it. Loved it loved it loved it. You should totally get a copy.

Recently Kelley Sheppard (one of my lovely priestess interviewees – read hers here) alerted me to the fact that Stephanie runs a website community for people who love the Morrigan and would like to learn more of her. I was really excited to join, and I was super excited to learn that Stephanie is running a priestess of the Morrigan class over the next year as a part of this site! Freaking awesome or what!
So I am excitedly taking this class and looking forward to learning about the different faces of the Morrigan throughout the next year. Woohoo!

Anyway I just wanted to let you guys do just in case any of you love the Morrigan too and would love to be a part of an online sisterhood dedicated to her, or are hearing the call to become a priestess of the Morrigan and wish to join Stephanie’s most excellent class. It’s called Morrigu’s Daughters, and you can apply for sisterhoodship here.

I’m loving this online community, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences of the Priestess Class with you all!


I’ve been a-making a new witchy journal for Samhain. (This is admittedly fueled by my stationary-buying addiction.) So I have been reading through my old witchy journal for any nuggets of gold that can inspire my new one.

Earlier this year, I was hunting for spiritual direction, some way to to work towards my concept of Priestessfullness. The idea of being a priestess has always been very alluring to me, however, no priestess training programs that I have read quite resonate with me in the way I feel they should. I figured that the best way to work out what being a priestess would mean to me would be to really think about and put to paper what a priestess would be like. So this is what I wrote.


What does being a priestess mean? What would a priestess be like?

She would be a visionary. She would start every day at her altar, blessing herself and the day ahead. She would pour love and light into her day. She would ask God and Goddess for help, and center herself in their love. She would give offerings to them.

A priestess would accept herself as she was. She wouldn’t take on too much work and she would leave herself lots of time to be unstressed in. A priestess would create in honour of the Goddess. A priestess would honour herself. She would feed herself good food and look after her body. A priestess would do very regular rituals of self love, devotion to gods, self-honour and purification. Like one a week of each.

A priestess listens to the Goddess’ voice in her heart, and does her work fearlessly. A priestess surrenders to Goddess and her will and wished for her, and she is happy about it. 

A priestess meditates every day, and takes time to listen to Goddess.

She recycles and spends lots of time outside, she has a full and happy life. She is a lovely person. She is strong and soft and fearless and compassionate. She brings her whole priestess self into everything, and spends her life doing what her deepest Goddess self tells her to do.


I am so glad I re-discovered this. I find it so inspiring. The key thing I feel about my priestess description is that she loves and supports herself no matter what and doesn’t get angry at herself for not doing x amount of things today. She goes easy on herself, and shows herself great love and tenderness always. I remember being surprised when I wrote this originally that self love was such a huge point for my inner priestess self. I had no idea.

I now see that isn’t about guilting yourself into doing spiritual things. It’s ok not to be taking overt spiritual action all the time.

I feel like I have direction again in my spirituality. Using my priestess ideal, I’ve been able to write a list of actionables to take me closer to my priestess self, and to give me stuff to do when I feel the spiritual urge but am unsure of what to do about it. I know what I am aiming for now, and because it’s priestessery according to me, it feels good and right.