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Faeriedaughter is moving!  I am settling in at my new digs at www.priestesstraining.com, and I would love for you to join me! 

Pop on over for my regular posts, priestess interviews, reviews of stuff, daily divine tips and tricks and the chronicling of my journey become a Priestess of Avalon as I undertake Kathy Jones’ in person priestess training course in Glastonbury this Autumn.  I will also soon be unveiling new resources to help you along your own priestess journey cos dude, I’m there, and I know what we need. Woohoo!

If you are RSS subscribed to this Faeriedaughter blog and you wish to continue being a subscriber you will need to pop on over and resubscribe to priestesstraining.com -there is a little link in the sidebar. Staying subscribed means you get a little e-mail every time I post, so you will never miss another priestess interview!

You can also pop on over and subscribe to the newsletter – I’m going to be rolling it out as a fortnightly newsletter from the Autumn Equinox onwards, with free stuff, exclusive content, and support for celebrating the seasons. Just jump on over to priestesstraining.com and pop your e-mail in the Subscribe to the Mailing List box in the sidebar.    

I am so excited about this new incarnation of Faeriedaughter exclamation and sharing my priestess journey with you!

I’ll keep posting stuff here as well as on the new blog until the Autumn Equinox, and then it will be priestesstraining.com all the way baby. 

See you on the flip side!