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Hey Team! I am designating Thursday to be Morrigan Thursdays, so I’ll banter and share a bit about my work in my Morrigan Priestess Training most Thursdays from now on.¬†

As a starter in the course, we’ve been asked to get really clear on a couple of priestessy aspects. Namely:

What has drawn you to the path of a priestess?

Honestly I had no idea.¬† I was always chasing a devotional way of being connected to the Goddess, even when I first got into witchcraft time at 13 years of age. ¬†I wanted to know about nature worship and the connection with the earth and the different goddesses – not just how to do a bunch of spells to get boys and good grades, but how to build up of real relationship with the Goddess, how to really feel the impact of the divine on it everyday life.¬†¬†It’s just something I have always wanted to be ever since I first heard the word, even if I didn’t understand how or even believe that I could do it.

I’m sure a lot of you peeps reading this relate to that.

I guess the hippy way to describe it would be “I had a calling to be a priestess,” but come on, how elitist and smarmy is that? Nah, it’s just something that’s been bugging me, nudging me, for the last five years especially. I’ve just been really interested and obsessional about all things priestessy, but completely unable to believe that it’s something I could actually do. Until the last year that is, when I realised it was my life, I was a grown ass woman and could do exactly as I pleased.

I want to be a priestess and because, and this is smarmy, I feel like to really be myself and connect with my authentic-ness and who I am really am in my soul, I need this connection, this link to the magic of the world, this dedication and surrender and acceptance of a Goddess bigger and wonderful and completely magical.

So how about you? What’s drawn you to the priestess path? I would love to hear your stories in the comments below!


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See you on the flip side!

I’ve been spectacularly quiet this month because my old wrist injury’s flared up again and typing hurts it, so no typing for fun generally speaking.

That said, I wanted to share my 5 favourite, day-changing affirmations from May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein, which I worked through earlier this year (and it rocked!). 

I suck at making up affirmations, so I like to pick them up off other people. Literally, pick a short one, and say it lots to yourself in the day, whenever you remember. 

Take ’em and use ’em, my monkey children. All the day all the time. Especially number 1.¬†

1. I am grateful for this moment.

2. Today I am a miracle worker. I choose to see love in all.

3. I could see love instead of this.

4. I choose to believe in abundance and accept this belief as my reality.

5. I forgive myself for having that thought. I choose love instead. 

I look forward to meeting you in more teeny tiny posts in the future.

Woah, hold on a minute, Time.

The other week I turned 25. I feel like I have graduated into grown-up-hood, because of this:

– A dance classmate asked me my age at the weekend, and when I said I was 25, she said she thought I was 16, and I WASN’T OFFENDED. In fact, I was a little bit pleased.

– I could get preggo and have a baby with Superman now, and people wouldn’t go “But you are so young to be having kids!” and secretly be thinking stuff like Haven’t you heard of condoms? or Slut! Keep it in your pants! They’d just think, yeah,¬†all right¬†then, that seems appropriate.

– 25’s the time when you are a teenager/early 20’ser you think you will have a good job, a steady income, maybe saving up for a house, be engaged or married, and know exactly where you are going in life. You think, ah, that’s a grown up thing to do. I’ll do that when I’m 25 or so. BUT I AM 25 AND NONE OF THAT STUFF HAPPENED!

РMy friends my age own a £1000 sofa. The other ones own a house. A couple more are getting married. I know people younger than me who are divorced.

Also, 30 in five years guys. There is so much I want to have done by the time I am 30. Have watched the craft again for one thing. Own a dog. Go to tropical paradise. Swim in a coral reef. Y’know, have a successful career at my weird-ass jobs.

So it’s time to pull my finger out of wherever it’s supposed to be in that analogy and get a move on I think. If I just continue being worried and afraid and¬†procrastinaty, I’ll¬†end up an old lady who wishes she’d spent more time having fun and less time on Facebook.


I watched about half of this vid the other day – it has one of my hero’s Kris Carr in it, who does some awesome green smoothie recipies I have for lunch sometimes. It’s about what’s in food, how food companies are interested in selling food, not creating healthy people (big surprise there) and why we find it so hard to give certain foods up.

It’s usually a sold DVD, but until the end of March 2013 they are doing a free instant-access webscreening of it for all curious peeps. I watch it while I am having my lunch break.

Click here to watch the whole thing! Or a bit of it! For free! We love free.

You all know I can’t stop reading.

Years ago, when I lived and cooked for myself, I was a total veggie living mainly dairy free. I’m not that keen on meat, or mass killing animals for food, and milk makes me feel sick.

When I went back home to live with my mum, I slowly went back to non veggie-ism. Salmon, lamb, nom nom nom. And now I live with Superman, I eat meat without thinking really.

Diet is a really funny issue- mention anything about it and everyone thinks you are personally attacking their lifestyle choices. Me included.

I used to believe that veggie-isim was an integral part of my Wiccan identity – how can you love the planet if you are murdering and eating half of it? I’m sure I was quite righteous about it. Sorry. Us humans do freakin’ love being right.

Sodding spirituality, meat and its friends do make me feel sluggish, and veggies make me feel like I am made of woodland goodness – it’s no secret I have a fairy tummy, and I aspire to be the kind of person that drinks green smoothies and raw food salads, I just haven’t got round to it yet. Because even when there is something you know will be great for you, and even your inner guidedness (usually so secretive and quiet) is screaming “YOU WANT RAW BROCCOLI WOMAN! TURN ON THAT F’IN BLENDER!” It’s so so much easier not to do all that difficult change stuff and to continue plodding along with”The Normal” instead.

I picked up Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin this afternoon and I’ve been reading it. I am vegan- friendly, so the secret agenda of persuading you to Eat Vegan was not a horrid surprise, and was actually mega convincing. I’ve been reading about how gross milk is (preaching to the choir sisters!) and how nasty animal farming is (shudder) and I’ve decided I am choosing to go veg again. Not necessarily in one move, cold turkey. I’m just gonna start being more thoughtful about what I eat.

I think it’s the right choice for my fairy tummy, but not necessarily for yours. No more delicious torture chicken for me.

I’m sticking in an updated review of my Crimbly presents – Magical Housekeeping and The Way Of The Sea Priestess.

Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst rocks. I’m really diggin’ this chappy. I was anoyed that it was quite simple at first and not entirely what I expected, but after thinking about it, there’s lots to be doing and thank crap it’s not chokka or I’d feel overwhelmed and never get round to doing anything. It’s changing the way I look at my home and the space I live in, and I am even more exited to be on this domestic witch kick I am currently rockin’.

Some of it is a bit new age, some of it is cute, and although I think the author forgets that most of the world doesn’t live in a gluten-free vegan larder packed with spelt, I really like this one – it’s inspiring. The line that sealed it for me was when the author was talking about animal imagery and energies, and her closing line on snakes was:

“Sorry, but no pet snakes. Snakes want to be free!”

I told you I’ve had difficulty with The Way Of The Sea Priestess by Louise Tarrier. I still haven’t finished it. All the things I said before still hold true on this one, but I am finding that although the writing is real hard going, underneath it are really great and valuable priestessing concepts and practices that I am actually applying to my own practice. Louise obviously practices what she writes about, and it’s wonderful reading about that. I think kinder of it the more time has passed since reading it – when I jump back in to read it, I get frustrated again.

So I’d recommend The Way Of The Sea Priestess to people who are trying to get their hands on everything they can about self-taught priestessing and devotional Goddess paths. If you are not really craving and jonesing for that, I’d give this one a miss as it’s tough going.